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GS2 Service Highlights

Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (“GS2”) is an award-winning, values guided, employee owned and governed, finance and asset management company.  GS2 performs services for investors, banks, hedge funds, and schools, helping them manage their returns and asset performance more effectively.  Our services are designed to meet the specialized needs of a variety of stakeholders, with offerings that include:

Asset Management »

  Analytics-driven approach to asset and vendor management
  Oversee network of experienced third-party consumer loan servicers and collection agencies
  $7.0B in AUM across 90 clients

Trust Administration »

  Insightful, accurate financial reporting; cash management; and transaction compliance monitoring
  $17.4B in AUM across 61 client structures

Loan and Receivables Purchasing »

  Actively pursue partnerships with lenders and holders of performing and distressed loans, as well as debt buyers and sellers
  Strategically invest across capital structure as principal or alongside partners
  Deployed over $140 million of capital in acquiring over $3.1 billion of performing and non-performing loan portfolios

Capital Markets Advisory Services »

  Structured and managed the issuance of over $10B of student loan backed transactions.
  Relationships with critical market participants has enabled us to build a robust analytics platform that offers unparalleled insights
  Portfolio valuation, analysis and reporting; facilitation of financing; rating agency management; and cash flow optimization

Private Loan Originations »

  $40MM in private loans originated during the past 2 years
•  Offer custom solutions for a variety of client needs