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Our Products

At Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (GS2), we believe education is about gaining knowledge and achieving dreams. It shouldn’t be about student loan debt. We have developed innovative products to help students, families and schools.

Ascent Program for Funding Education
We developed a private student loan program, the Ascent Program for Funding Education, to assist schools and help college students achieve their educational goals without overburdening them and their families with debt. Every student’s situation is different, so we created the Ascent Tuition cosigned loan and the Ascent Independent non-cosigned loan. Ascent Independent considers more than a credit score and current income, to give students more opportunities to qualify for a loan in their own name. Ascent also offers a loan specifically designed for nursing students.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs)
GS2 offers cash flow opportunities to schools that leverage Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and utilizes several financing structures that emphasize interest alignment. As a forward-looking, income-based student financing option, ISAs help students fund their education based on a fixed percentage of their income for an agreed upon number of years after graduation. Since no interest accrues in school, ISAs alleviate the unnecessary burden of debt on students and their families.