We have structured and managed the issuance of over $10B of student loan backed transactions.  This deep expertise and our established, trusted relationships with critical market participants has enabled us to build a robust analytics platform that offers unparalleled insights into student loan performance.

We leverage our experience and knowledge to provide clients with advisory services that include:


Investment Valuation and Risk Management

The GS2 valuation team is a highly quantitative group that focuses on analyzing value and risk in transaction structures. GS2’s data infrastructure and industry knowledge allows us to project the asset performance for the full range of student loan collateral, including FFEL consolidation, Stafford, PLUS, and private loans. The collateral cash flows can be used to value any loan portfolio, securitization residual interest, or security within a structure.


Trust Restructuring

For our issuer, investor and other ABS-participating clients, our robust valuation framework allows GS2 to:

Perform debt-rating assessments – For any student loan ABS, we can assess the appropriate debt rating implied by application of the rating agencies’ stress scenario assumptions to the student loan securitization trust data set.

Perform risk analysis – We can determine the sensitivity of the value of any student loan-related instrument to stressful loan performance or interest rate environments.

Provide portfolio management solutions – We recommend ABS portfolio trading and restructuring strategies reflecting market prices and our valuations, debt rating assessments, and risk analysis.