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Asset Management

GS2 offers a unique array of special services to current and prospective holders of performing and non-performing consumer loans.  These value added services assist our clients with effectively managing their assets.

Receivables & Collection Management

GS2 provides Accounts Receivable and Collections Management services to holders of education related credit and loan accounts.  These clients may include schools that hold institutional loans and/or delinquent or defaulted tuition receivables, lenders, debt-buyers or holders of performing or non-performing education loans and receivables.

We leverage our vast network of third-party agencies to maximize returns for our client partners under a very competitive pricing structure.

Clients that choose GS2 for Receivables and Collections Management receive the benefits of:
Leveraging best practices from a variety of agencies under one management agreement
A normalized reporting package
Operational transparency


Performance Analytics and Valuation Services

GS2 offers its expertise in providing the following Performance Analytics and Valuation Services:
Portfolio Valuation & Cash Flow Modeling
Performance Reporting
Audit Support


Borrower Services
Borrower Services are provided as an ancillary service and encompass the following activities that are performed on behalf of the client lender/creditor:
Early Awareness Treatments to educate borrowers entering repayment
Outsourced Customer Service Support
Testing of various borrower outreach strategies